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E-9 Express loan in Korea

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Eligibility Cut-offs

① 1st industry workers: fishery(including sailors) agriculture (lawful license), livestock industries.
② Less than 15months to visa expiration
③ Average monthly salary is less then 1.5 million KRW for the last 3months
④ Cash salary receipt
⑤ People suspected of using personal debt or private financing (a loan company) in account transaction details
⑥ People with excessive overdue account details (Credit Card, Communication fee, loan, etc.)
⑦ Non-existent SNS accounts and recently opened customers

Advantages of DGB E-9 loan

① First online loan service for foreigners in Korea
② Eligibility of a client can be checked in advance.
(Status of an application can be checked right after submission)
③ Instant (one day) loan system.
④ Lowest interest rates (comparing to other banks and foreign lending institutions)
⑤ Covering loans from other institutions/banks.